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Featured Story
'To Recruit Students, Colleges Turn to Corporate-Making Playbook'

"“You’re meeting the prospect where they are,” said Brittany Murchison, managing director of program marketing for EAB’s adult learner division. The company began using machine learning in identifying and marketing to potential students in late 2016, and now works with about 70 schools on that initiative."

EAB in the news

'Experts Consider: 'The World Needs More Cowboys'
"Peter Farrell, managing director and senior principal, Enrollment Services at EAB: The University of Wyoming campaign is a reflection of the growing investment -- even for flagships -- in identifying and furthering a unique marketing message that resonates with prospective students." Read more
'Sophisticated use of data in college recruiting grows'
"Houston Baptist University, for instance, hired the firm EAB to create a profile of students with demographic and psychographic data. The firm recommended ads directed to particular groups, with a special target of older students, that resulted in 100 inquiries and enrollment of about 15 students." Read more
'Higher Ed Embraces Advanced Ads; Who Influences The Influencers?'
"Houston Baptist University worked with higher education consulting firm EAB to create a demographic and psychographic profile of its students and target lookalikes on Facebook to enroll in a grad school program." Read more

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