Our Mission and Values

Our mission and values

Our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger. We achieve this by living our firm values each and every day.

Relentlessly Committed to Success Power of Insight                   Act with Speed and Intention 
Spirit of Generosity     Think Big    Built on Connectedness

Our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger.

At EAB, we believe that we can change the world—in partnership with our members and clients, we are improving education and thereby strengthening communities across the nation and around the globe.

Our culture is distinct and essential to our success, and it begins with our team. We seek out bright, curious, engaging people; by supporting their growth, we nurture dynamic careers and position our employees to make a real difference.

And while our company's impact on education has grown over the decades, our inherent values haven't changed. Here are the principles that guide us in our work.


We are
Relentlessly Committed to Success

We define our success by the success of our members and clients, working persistently towards shared goals and celebrating shared victories.


We approach our work with
A Spirit of Generosity

We treat our members, clients, colleagues and communities with an ethos of service that defies expectation. We bring a spirit of kindness to every interaction, always assuming positive intent and acting with empathy.


We believe in the
Power of Insight

We work tirelessly to discover new insights, innovative practices, and powerful solutions. Beyond discovery, we help schools apply insights to accelerate progress and compel positive change.


Think Big

We are not afraid of big goals, nor of the risks, challenges and failures required to achieve them. We celebrate the people and efforts where extraordinary commitment yields extraordinary results.


Act with Speed and Intention

We are doers and problem-solvers who take action and operate with a strong sense of purpose. We bias courage over hesitation, and always act with forward progress in mind.


We are
Built on Connectedness

We bring ideas, data, and solutions together in unconventional ways to create transformative value. We build bridges, break silos and prioritize the success of the whole over individual interests.

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