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We help education leaders solve their biggest challenges through peer-tested research, technology solutions, and hands-on support, across a range of areas.

Academic Affairs and Research

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We help academic leaders achieve greater success by providing strategic insight, best practices, and enabling technologies for academic resource allocation, faculty affairs, enrollment growth strategy, student success, and more.


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EAB's deep, ongoing research and data-driven marketing services can help you attract and retain top fundraising talent, engage alumni, and ultimately increase philanthropic revenue to support your day-to-day operations as well as new initiatives on campus.

Business Administration and IT

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Our best practice research can help you measure and improve administrative performance, unlock sustainable cost savings, and transform IT services.

Community Colleges

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Our community college research and technology helps you build a clear path to institutional excellence and student success.

Enrollment Services

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We have proven experience in working with colleges and universities across the country to meet their enrollment goals: boosting degree completion, growing and shaping classes, and maximizing total enrollment.

K-12 Education

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Our best practice research for independent and public schools highlights the most innovative, replicable, and proven strategies to elevate the educational experience.

Student Affairs

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We can help you identify, protect, and expand the services that enhance the student experience on campus with best practice resources and practical tools.

Student Success

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We combine technology, research, and consulting to help you identify your most at-risk populations, coordinate cross-campus resources so students can find the help they need, and analyze the data that informs your decision making.

University Systems

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We provide the research and strategic guidance that university systems need to address their most pressing academic, financial, and management challenges.