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Academic Affairs and Research

“No one prepared me for what it takes to do this job.” We hear that a lot from the provosts and deans we work with–and we’re here to help. We offer proven, peer-tested strategies and technologies to improve student success, academic resource allocation, faculty affairs, enrollment growth strategy, and more.

Resources to Get You Started

The Instructional Capacity Playbook
This playbook details 14 best-practice strategies for responding to changes in the enrollment landscape.More
Course Completion Playbook
Download this toolkit to learn how to assess course completion rates and profiles a range of tactics to reduce DFW rates without reducing academic rigor.More

Combating Enrollment-Demand Capacity Mismatches

Use this resource to understand new instructional capacity metrics, make data-informed decisions about resource allocation, and learn specific strategies to realign capacity with demand.

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Meet Our Experts
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Managing Director of Strategic Research
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