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How can EAB help you find and enroll the right students?

What’s the biggest threat to any college’s business model? Uncertain, volatile, or declining enrollments. If you're facing these challenges, we can help. We offer proven strategies and ideas for growing tuition revenue, boosting degree completion, and maximizing total enrollment levels.

Resources to Get You Started

White Paper
Maximizing Application Completion
Are incomplete applications hurting your enrollment results? Our latest white paper outlines proven strategies to increase completion rates.More
Making the Academy Market-Smart
Students are increasingly considering academic program when searching for colleges, but academic program planning rarely prioritizes student demand trends. Discover 13 practices to hard-wire the consideration of enrollment trends into academic decision-making.More

Expert takes on the biggest issues in enrollment

From application to yield, our Enrollment Blog helps you get the insight you need to build the class you want.

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