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Our Research forums help you uncover proven, peer-tested ideas from colleges and universities around the world. Start exploring them below or scroll down for a guided introduction to each.

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Find out more about the research and support we provide to provosts, deans, and other academic leaders on elevating performance in teaching, research, and academic governance.

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Academic Affairs Forum

“No one prepared me for what it takes to do this job.” We hear that a lot from the provosts we work with—and we’re here to help. We offer proven, peer-tested strategies and implementation support to improve student success, academic resource allocation, faculty affairs, enrollment growth strategy, and more. | Learn more
Guiding Student Choice to Promote Persistence
This study profiles innovative tools, technologies, and policies that institutions have used to improve student retention and completion rates.More
Understanding the Changing Market for Professional Master's Programs
This study examines how institutions can capture a growing and changing master's market by customizing offerings to four distinct segments within the working professional population.More

Advancement Forum

State funding has plummeted. Tuition revenue is stagnating. Now you’re relying on advancement to support big new initiatives and even your day-to-day operations. The Advancement Forum offers proven best practices to help you attract and retain top fundraising talent, engage alumni, and ultimately increase philanthropic revenue. | Learn more

Competing for Talent
This study examines how institutions can recruit high-performing major gift officers in an environment of increasing demand for top recruiters.More
Inside the mind of a Curious Chameleon
The Advancement Forum sought to find the characteristics of an ideal major gift officer (MGO). We discovered that an MGO should be a Curious Chameleon—an individual with behavioral and linguistic flexibility, intellectual and social curiosity, the skill to distill information, and the ability to approach the solicitation process in a strategic manner.More

Business Affairs Forum

Cut costs. Grow revenues. Improve efficiency. Sound like a tall order? Through research and implementation support, we help college and university business leaders measure and improve administrative performance, unlock sustainable cost savings, and drive institutional strategy. | Learn more

The High-Efficiency HR Department
This study outlines 12 best practices to increase staff productivity and capacity by optimizing department operations and refocusing staff on higher-level work.More
100 tactics for immediate labor savings
This infographic provides 100 cost rebasing tactics to help institutions find principled and sustainable ways to reduce costs without painful and often ineffective labor cuts.More

COE Forum

These days, most college students aren’t 18-to-22-year-old on-campus undergrads—they’re older, or learning online, or seeking professional education. As the very definition of higher education changes, how can you keep pace? Our peer-tested research and employer-focused market data helps you attract students, improve program planning, and lead campus innovation. | Learn more

Designing Programs for the Millennial Workforce
This study examines the opportunities and challenges COE units face in designing programs for three specific student populations: Millennial career advancers, early encore careerists, and tomorrow's business owners.More
Transfer Benchmarking Survey results
Compare transfer efforts to peer schools and identify areas for investment and growth with our benchmarking data, collected from the enrollment divisions at flagship and more selective institutions.More

Community College Executive Forum

Your students have diverse goals and multiple barriers to graduation. Your revenue is falling fast. And your inclusive mandate means you can’t leave any students behind.  We’re here to help you improve student success outcomes, win future enrollments, and build financially sustainable enterprises. | Learn more

Community College Enrollment Pain Point Audits
This report examines the widespread confusion and frustration during onboarding as students attempt to apply for admission and financial aid, enroll and test into classes, and consult with academic and career advisors, and offers recommendations to streamline onboarding.More
Resource Center
Community College Executive Forum Resource Hub
Browse resources on six important subjects necessary for community colleges to achieve institutional priorities.More

Enrollment Management Forum

What’s the biggest threat to any college’s business model? Uncertain, volatile, or declining enrollments. We offer proven strategies and ideas for growing tuition revenue, boosting degree completion, and maximizing total enrollment levels. | Learn more

White Paper
Strategic Allocation of Endowed Scholarships
This white paper describes how best practitioner institutions have increased the share of endowed funds allocated every year and pulled allocations forward into the critical spring packaging period. More
Transfer Benchmarking Survey results
Compare transfer efforts to peer schools and identify areas for investment and growth with our benchmarking data, collected from the enrollment divisions at flagship and more selective institutions.More

Facilities Forum

As a facilities leader, you’re whipsawed between the future and the immediate. Our research and tools can help. We’ll show you how to prioritize and fund deferred maintenance, communicate facilities value and needs to campus stakeholders, and better align strategic planning with long-term capital planning. | Learn more

White Paper
Effective Outsourcing
Examine the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing and learn how to choose the right roles to outsource as you begin the process on campus.More
White Paper
Facilities Chargebacks
Learn the possible advantages and disadvantages of chargebacks, and explore how institutions can implement a chargeback model for their facilities department.More

IT Forum

Working at the intersection of IT, campus executives, and higher education, we help you unlock the power of data from campus systems and plan future systems architectures. | Learn more

IT Forum Perspectives
Our experts share their findings to help CIOs and their teams navigate the intersection of IT and higher education.More
Research Brief
Developing and Supporting Analytics Initiatives
Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics initiatives have the potential to serve decision makers and leaders, but many institutions struggle to launch BI programs that are sustainable and affordable. This report provides benchmarks on BI to help the IT function allocate resources and set goals that will make BI a long-term success on campus. More

Student Affairs Forum

How can you identify, protect, and expand the services that truly prepare students for life on campus and after graduation? We can help you tackle your most pressing challenges in student safety and wellness, student success, career readiness, and more. | Learn more

Preparing Students for the Workforce
The strategies profiled in this infographic represent six ways student affairs can have the greatest impact in supporting experiential learning.More
Building an Effective University Infrastructure
This report explores how to establish a robust campus infrastructure to address sexual violence.More

University Systems Forum

System academic officers play a critical—but often unseen—role in higher education. We provide the research and strategic guidance you need to work with state and campus leaders to solve the pressing academic and financial challenges confronting your state system.

University Systems Forum, Academic and Student Affairs | Learn more

University Systems Forum, Business Affairs | Learn more
Research Brief
Preparing for Performance-Based Funding 2.0
Examine the various approaches to performance-based funding as they stand at this moment and learn how early adopters have attempted to balance what are often competing demands.More
Hardwiring Student Engagement with Career Development
Explores best practices for coupling high-value career services with student milestones to engage students with career exploration and development across their time on campus. More