2018-19 Enrollment Management Forum Roundtable for Public Institutions

Preparing for the Volatile Decade Ahead

Enrollment management executives are by now all-too-familiar with higher education’s challenging outlook. Demographic, economic, and political forces will conspire to create seismic shifts in the college-bound population across the next decade, with many regions and campuses already feeling the rumblings of the shocks to come. How will national forecasts (which range from troubling to downright cataclysmic) play out in local and regional markets, across segments and institutional types? What data and analytical leadership skills will be critical to success and to creating more agile and responsive marketing and recruiting approaches? And, beyond the aggregate, how can we better understand and respond to the decision-making process of individual students and families?

The Enrollment Management Forum is excited to bring together enrollment leaders across public institutions for its annual Roundtables. This year’s sessions will equip our members with the data, insight, and tools required to navigate the leadership challenges ahead.