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When university research comes under siege—from funding pressures or other challenges—the impact is felt across the entire institution. Our University Research Forum partners with chief research officers so their teams can craft and implement a winning growth strategy, compete for funding, accelerate performance improvements, and reduce the administrative burden on faculty. We provide research, strategies, and tools across the following areas:

  • Research Funding Strategy
  • Industry Partnerships
  • Faculty Development
  • Research Communications
  • Administrative Efficiency
  • Grand Challenge Initiatives
  • Cluster Hiring
  • Core Facilities

What We Offer

Strategic Guidance at Scale

From national meetings to webconferences, it’s easy to engage with our research insights on timely topics

On-Demand Best Practices

Our executive briefs, infographics, and online best practices library ensure you have the information you need, when you need it

Change Management Resources

Move from insight to action with our implementation guides, benchmarking tools, plug-and-play templates, and more

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A new approach to compete for tomorrow's funding opportunities

Six imperatives to select, equip, and launch your grand challenge

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The first 365 days as a Chief Research Officer

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