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EAB services help educational leaders target qualified prospective students, build relationships throughout the search, application, and yield process, optimize financial aid resources, make smart resource trade-offs, improve academic efficiency, and grow academic program revenues.

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On average, our Enrollment Services partners see a 7:1 ROI in their first year of partnership

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Enrollment Services

Our Enrollment Services, formerly Royall & Company, offers support through each of the three phases of student recruitment: search, application, and yield. | Learn more

Latest from Enrollment Services

Digital Recruitment Marketing Capabilities Diagnostic
How robust are your digital recruitment capabilities? Download our digital diagnostic to help you evaluate how effectively your digital practices reach (and convert) prospective students.More
Views of the Shifting Enrollment Landscape
Download our enrollment "blogazine": an album of our latest enrollment insights and our most popular blog posts and resources.More

Advancement Marketing

We collect years worth of your alumni data, segment by likelihood to give, and use these segments to create a customized, year-long advancement strategy aligned with institutional goals. | Learn more

Latest from Advancement

Blog Post
Why reunions are still essential to advancement
We dispel the myth that reunions are an "out of date" method for advancement and explore four tactics to boost ROI for your next reunion.More
Blog Post
Guide your donors from modest gifts to major contributions
Explore best practices around how to transition modest gift donors to major contributors. More

Adult Learner Recruitment

Target your best-fit prospective students and reduce the declining graduate enrollment trend. We stratify students based on likely program interest, then develop custom communication strategies for each segment. | Learn more

Latest from Adult Learner Recruitment

Blog Post
4 tips for getting inside the mind of a prospective grad student
Prospective graduate school students are busy, striving to advance their careers, and burdened with greater responsibilities than their younger undergraduate counterparts. Learn four strategies to better understand their unique challenges and engage them in a meaningful way.More
Blog Post
Growing your slice of the graduate enrollment pie
Strategic marketing is proven to be effective in the undergraduate space, but few people recognize how it can be used to critical effect in the graduate space. Here are three overarching strategies that will allow you to amass a larger group of right-fit inquiries for your graduate programs.More

Financial Aid Optimization

By analyzing your admissions and financial aid data, we deliver a multi-layered understanding of your position and opportunities, then use that to create aid models that are fully customized, exclusive, transparent, and revisable. | Learn more

Latest from Financial Aid Optimization

Case Study
Kenyon College
See how Kenyon College was able to increase net tuition revenue, expand diversity, and increase quality through a partnership with Financial Aid Optimization.More
The Complex Adult Learner Journey to Enrollment
Finding and enrolling right-fit students for graduate and online programs is challenging, and requires schools to be hyperresponsive to engagement cues and signals. Read our infographic for tips and tricks to help personalize communications at-scale, and leverage advanced analytics to recruit more adult learners.More