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How we partner with you

1. Create an advancement strategy

We collect years’ worth of your alumni data, segment by likelihood to give, and use these segments to create a customized, year-long strategy aligned with institutional goals.

2. Develop your campaign

We customize messaging based on donation history and produce design and copy using your branding and style. Then we optimize content for a digital or print delivery method.

3. Assess campaign performance

We optimize persistence and timing of messages, maximize email deliverability and list quality, analyze performance in real time, and ultimately quantify campaign success.

Our expertise in advancement:

  • 25+ years’ experience in higher ed
  • 350+ expert staff members
  • 1.2 billion student and donor interactions managed annually
  • 10+ years’ worth of data from each partner
  • 300+ A/B in-market tests each year
  • 1,000+ campaigns annually
Major gift giving strategies, fundraising and marketing services

What We Offer

  • Data-based guidance for annual planning and campaign targeting
  • Semi-annual in-person updates on progress
  • Performance monitoring
  • Access to dedicated consultants and experts in advancement and fundraising

Learn how we helped one university increase undergraduate alumni giving by 31%

View the Case Studies

Typical increase our partners see in giving in the first year


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