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Monitor your progress toward enrollment goals

Pipeline Analytics is a custom predictive analytics engine that helps enrollment leaders identify enrollment risks and opportunities in real time. By tracking student engagement from first search to matriculation, our responsive model adapts as your class builds—even if students change behaviors.

How Pipeline Analytics works

Turning data into insight

  • Pulls data daily from your CRM, SIS, and financial aid systems
  • Compares and interprets your data against EAB’s national database
  • Incorporates analyses from our best-in-class data science team

1.5 Billion Student Interactions Annually

sample custom predictive model created for your college

Real-time, predictive models customized to your college

  • Forecasts for each stage of the enrollment funnel
  • Enrollment likelihood by individual student
  • Student retention likelihood
  • Insights into engagement factors to boost enrollment

Answer critical enrollment questions

Will we meet our enrollment goals?

Prospective student dashboard

Which engagement tactics work?

Enrollment performance dashboard

Which prospects should we outreach to?

Enrollment outreach performance dashboard