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Our technology implements and hardwires best practices across student success, and growth and academic operations. Start exploring them below or scroll down for a guided introduction to each.

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Student Success Collaborative

EAB's Student Success Collaborative™ (SSC) combines technology, research, and consulting to help institutions improve graduation rates through risk identification, coordinated student support, and effectiveness analytics. | Learn more

The Murky Middle
The Murky Middle

Explore SSC's emerging research on the sizeable but often overlooked group of students who manage to get through their first year without raising any red flags—yet stand a good chance of dropping out before completing their degree. Get the infographic

Academic Performance Solutions

Academic Performance Solutions (APS) is a solution designed to empower academic and financial leaders with the department-specific performance and cost data—as well as reliable peer benchmarks—they need to make more effective decisions. | Learn more

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Illuminate Your Underutilized Instructional Resources
See three different approaches to using data to inform your demand and course offering decisions. More
Tools and Benchmarking
Benchmarking Data Report on Cost
Explore this report on cost to compare a variety of metrics to your peer institutions. More


Navigate combines research, robust student data, and a proprietary analytics engine into a direct-to-student platform that puts—and keeps—community college students on a path to success. | Learn more

Chutes and Ladders
Is your enrollment process a game of Chutes and Ladders?

Instead of a linear path, many students experience enrollment as a convoluted series of steps, similar to a game of Chutes and Ladders. Get the infographic

Joining the Collaborative

“This is an opportunity to operate more smoothly [to] best serve our students...In higher education we have been waiting so long for this, we thought progressive technology like Google and Amazon would never come into our world."
—Dr. Jan Clayton, AVP Student Affairs, Tulsa Community College

Transfer Collaborative

A diverse and dispersed group, transfer students are hard to reach—and even harder to recruit, because too often their two-year studies don’t count toward four-year degrees. Our Transfer Collaborative is specifically designed to help you engage this essential population and bolster your transfer student enrollment in an increasingly competitive market. | Learn more