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About Us

Academic Performance Solutions (APS) is a holistic decision-support platform that renders quick access to data and peer benchmarks around course offerings, faculty workload, course completion rates, department-level costs, and other key performance indicators. Members of APS embed this data and insights into key academic and operational decisions across campus, building a data-informed culture. Learn more about how so many of your peers are working hand in hand with us to further APS' goal of analytics with a bias to action.

About the Membership

Platform Statistics

How We Help

Academic Program Review

How can we more strategically evaluate department health on an annual basis?

  • Compare enrollment trends to peer benchmarks
  • Assess demand/capacity mismatches across all departments
  • Compare course completion rates to peer benchmarks

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Program Review

Smart Growth

Budgeting and Resource Allocation

How can we standardize and streamline resource allocation decisions?

  • Consolidate underfilled sections and redirect resources to bottlenecks
  • Inform faculty line allocation decisions with peer benchmarks on teaching loads
  • Evaluate instructional costs per student credit hour across departments

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Course Planning

How can we structure offerings to align with demand and support student outcomes?

  • Compare class sizes and fill rates to peer benchmarks
  • Match proliferation of distinct courses with enrollment trends
  • Analyze course load trends by instructor type

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Course Planning

Beyond Technology

Partner with a Dedicated Consultant

Our consultants and experts work closely with you to provide customized support and strategic guidance.

Access On-Demand Best Practices

Our research studies, toolkits, and webconferences ensure you have the information you need, when you need it.

Network with Peers

Each year we bring together 100+ academic leaders for the APS Summit in Washington, D.C.

Insights from Our Benchmarks

Statistics about the Platform

Insights and Impact

How APS helped one institution's deans and department chairs make data-informed decisions

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Representative Results

Old Dominion University

Leverage Data to Enhance Budget Transparency

Read the Case Study

University of Northern Colorado

Boost Course Completion in Gateway Courses

Read the Case Study

St. Ambrose University

Embed Data in Review Process to Improve Resource Allocation

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APS Blog Image

Institutional Analytics Blog

Top news, insights, and analysis from our experts

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Meet Our Experts

Melanie Bowen

Senior Vice President

Simone Williams


Benjamin Galina

Associate Director

Chetan Rao

Managing Director

Hersh Steinberg

Managing Director

Catherine Ewell

General Manager